A simple question… a change of focus!

Here it is, one week until the big holiday time. We thought we had it all under control, or at least on target for getting it done.  Maybe it is the candy…the commercials, the too busy schedule, the shopping or just feeling all the pressure of expectations…. But for me this is the time I  start to panic.  My focus shifts to can I do this?  What have I forgotten…? Can I just skip over to the new year?

During this time we want the feeling of thankfulness and peace on earth etc… yet, we get stressed out instead.  We tend to totally freak out and  withdraw from it all and miss special times with those we love.  We know there truly are gifts that come with the season, yet somehow we begin to lose focus and and wonder if we can make it there.

Maybe we could used a powerful question to help us navigate and move toward what we want in our lives at this time.  How would it be if you asked yourself..

“What are some things I would LOVE to experience this season this year”                                                                          

What might happen if you gave yourself permission to take 5 minutes and think about this question and write  down your list.                                                                                                         What would make your list…. rest, refreshment, peace, special moments with those we love (these are some things from mine)

Very few of us would write down be stressed out, increase my debt, or be grumpy, but that is often what we get….                  What might this do for your focus if you put your  list somewhere important as a reminder of what is really important to you?.  On the tree, or refrigerator, or bathroom mirror?

For another big step try to look at some specific ways to meet these goals.  Try using some whenever I… statements

I feel peace whenever I take a moment to pray.                             I feel connection whenever I take a moment to look a loved one in the eyes on greeting.  Make it doable. By setting your intentions and writing them down you can open the door to them actually happening.

How would it be if you asked those close to you for their lists?  And then shared yours with them?   Imagine how this might transform some old traditions or add some new ones.  At the very least it might give you a moment of understanding.

Today is a good day to take charge of your life with a simple question.   Try it and see…..Give it a thought and see where it takes you.   Oh and you could leave a comment, I’d love to hear some of the things you came up with!

May all my Christmas preparations bring me to the foot of the manger!

3 thoughts on “A simple question… a change of focus!

  1. I really want to get music back into our Christmas. My Dad used to have old RP’s of stuff like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, and would turn them on Christmas morning–it was fabulous! And today, after a Christmas meltdown of my own, my daughter and I reconnected the stereo that’s been ignored and collecting dust (probably after being dethroned to some game system for a lack of outlets!) We don’t have the cd player figured out yet, but bet my son can do that!

    1. Cool Kathy! Music can so change our mood quickly! Have you tried grooveshark.com. You can play anything you want anytime from your computer. Thanks for sharing. I think I need to try it out now too.

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