Life…..Happens Really

So, I write a blog about the realities of life and somehow it disappears.  Too funny.  I know it is here somewhere…..                         One more time……

My father always said “Expect the unexpected”.   This week I have been joyfully planning for whenever my new gandbaby decides to make an entrance.  Taking pains to be prepared for work and holiday in order to be ready for the blessed event.  However the phone call that changed all my plans was not of the birth, but of a death.  Clay’s step mother had passed away.

Wandering around a small East Texas cemetary is great for changing perspective.  Makes me want to focus on what is important.   While Christmas and advent are for feasting and not fasting, there are many times when sadness and pain enter in.  In many ways that is one of the messeages of Christmas-  A light for those who walk in darkness.  How do we deal with the dicotomies of life?                          Birth/ Death

Hope / Grief

         Joy/ Sorrow

                   There are no easy answers.  For me today, I just want to be more thankful and whine less…….. more praise and less judgement………. to allow my heart to be more open to love and less to fear.  Sometimes you just have to take time with God and let the love and compassion and mercy soak into every cell and then reach out and be the light in the darkness to others.

Blessings to you and may peace reign in your heart tonight.


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