Happy 1-2-12

It seemed an odd News Day for me.  No quiet time of reflection while everyone was sleeping.  Just a normal busy Sunday.  Today some are off, some are working, some at school.  I did need to take a while to reflect, anticipate and enjoy  the whole New Year experience.  A brand new calender ready to be filled with new thoughts and experinces.  Some we can plan and some will be out of our control.  May we relish an thrive in both!

I like to write our my goals in present tense as if they had already happened on a page in my calender.                                                                                                                                        ” I am joyfully increasing my writing and communication skills by writing my blog and reaching out to many new friends and reconnecting with old ones”                             “I have relearned my sign language skills and am having a wonderful time with Sam at the Caribbean Center for the Deaf in Jamaica”                                                                                     “I am eating healthy and working out and can feel my heart strengthening each day”            ” I am using my new walking/ motivation Cd for myself and have shared it with others”

The more descriptive I am the more I can feel it happening and it provides the motivation to accomplish more.   Also remembering why this is worthy of my time is important.  I want to change my diet and exercise in order to have energy and enthusiasm for life for many years to come!

Whether we are ready for it or not the new year is here.  How we experience it is up to us.  Here’s to a great ride!

Cucumber Feta Rolls- hmmmm who says life is not an adventure.  Come on try a little change!


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