You are Stronger than you Think

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There are times in our lives where we approach a goal beyond what we have reached before.   Times like birthing a child, running a race, or climbing a mountain summit cause us to reach deep down for a strength we never even knew was there and Wow! we pull it off.  I love the confidence that comes.  All the small fears and insecurities vanish and I feel I could do anything!

This past week I had the honor of being with my oldest in her journey of labor, delivery and unfolding the gift of being a mom.   While I was a support and encourager in this journey, it was her that had to do it!  To go beyond the fear and pain and focus on the goal.  Everything did not go as planned or as she had wanted it to be, however she kept going and achieved the goal and was holding her baby boy!   Then in the days following to make hard decisions on care and develop into this amazing woman-mother.   Just leaves me in awe and amazement to watch her.

In many ways this is the feeling I have with coaching and why I have such a passion to work with women to help them focus on dreams and goals and to go forward and achieve them!!  This experience has also motivated me to not be held back but to push forward in my goals.   I am excited to excel in being a great wife, mother, grandmother and coach.  Ok,it still sounds daunting and I’m  often not sure I can do it all, however I will just take each step and each moment as it comes – breath and press through.  That is how miracles happen and I discover this hidden strength!  Keep posted on how this unfolds or better yet I hope this encourages you to push forward on your unique goals for your life.


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