Past and Present Collide

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Another funeral this week.  This time a 90 year old father of a friend I grew up with.  It was strange to go back to the church where I grew up and had my wedding.  I haven’t been back since my father’s funeral.   It was a strange, surreal but nice occasion.     Remembering amazingly joyous celebrations and sad and painful events.  Being able to accept them all and be thankful for all felt like an amazing gift.   I enjoyed belting out  those old hymns in harmony with my husband and a new friend.  These hymns that generations have sung for hundreds of years represent a history and a heritage.  Again all these things that are part of my growing and making me unique.

While I really advocate staying in the present and looking toward the future, there are moments when the past must be acknowledged.  I am thankful for resolving past issues, so they are not overwhelming or difficult, just there and part of who I am today.   With both of my parents gone, I rarely go to these places, but in the past few months there have been several of these times where I am reminded of where I have come from.   Many from the adventure of being a  grandma, has me remembering both my early mothering experiences and overwhelming appreciation for my mother.  I think of the old Norwegian cemetery where my parents are buried.  Walking through reading the markers of strong ancestors leaving home and country to forge a new life in an unknown land.  These thoughts strengthen me to live my best life and use the past to make my present a clearer place!


Generations build on each other making us who we are!

4 thoughts on “Past and Present Collide

  1. Sonja, thanks for posting your reflections on childhood and our parents and ancestors and the rich heritage we share. I also appreciate your resolving past issues so they are not so overwhelming, just part of who you are today, and moving on to living in the present moment.
    You are an inspiration, my dear sister! ‘
    With Love and Gratitude, Thalia

    1. Thanks Thalia, Yes it seems like always a journey. Not really toward anything but making the most out of the journey itself. How is your blog coming? I have seen people who are photographers just post photos. One a day.

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