Looking Good For 100

Yes, there seems to be a theme here in my writing and life these days.

Today attending the centennial celebration of Tyler Street UMC.   My mind goes in to history mode.  1912 a small group of people started something small that has grown and lasted until 2012.  I wonder if they thought about how different life would be and the changes that would occur in the neighborhood and world.  Yet they grieved, celebrated, shouted, reconciled, hurt and rejoiced through it all.  We were there for the 75th anniversary and really couldn’t imagine my life in 25 years or did I even think about it.  Now though I can look back and know that while my part was small,( I think we were members for 20 years off and on and staff for 8 of those), I learned and grew and what I did combined with others was a small brick in something that added something to the whole.

A few years ago I had gone to a choir reunion here.   Way back when choirs were a big deal and as a youth we took trips and did concerts.  What fun it was to sing those same songs and it did make me realize how that experience had sunk deep in my being- such a huge part of who I am today.

My response to this day is to look forward to the next 25 years of my life.  2037   2037     Oh my it doesn’t seem possible, but it will be here.   May I not spend this time on petty unimportant things- fear, envy, worry, but invest  generously  to others- giving joyfully love and encouragement.  Using gifts I have received from others over the years and new ones I develop.   Making not a building or anything anyone can see, but a difference in the lives of  generations!!

“To the past I say “Thanks”

To the future I say “YES”


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