It’s all about the Celebration!

Last weekend 111 million people turned on their TVs to watch men throw and run with a funny shaped ball.  Even people with little interest in football attended parties for the event.   It is a good excuse to gather and have fun!   It was a great time -a great diversion from the normal routine.

My thinking is how can we have more of these times and how can we make it where it renews us and inspires us?

1)  We don’t need a reason to celebrate.  Really the calender or others don’t need to tell us when we can do it.  We can decide ourselves what is worthy of a party:  A sunny day or these days have found us celebrating the rainy days, or achievement of a small or large goal.

2) People –  Celebrations can be for just you yourself or for two or three or 100

3) Keep it simple -Elaborate affairs are terrific, but they also can be full of pressure.  We don’t have to have anything really to celebrate regularly.  I think this is why I love the picture above- the simple joy on their faces.

What can you celebrate today?

I think I will celebrate the posting of my blog by going for a walk!!


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