Thankful Thursday!!

Jamaican flag

 So often it is overwhelming to think about doing something new and different.   When

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I got this wild idea for my son and I to go to Jamaica on this trip,  I really was not sure how we were going to pull it off.  But, here we are leaving tomorrow!!!    It is really exciting how with setting my goal and the response of many people willing to invest in it can make something like this a reality!!

The island of Jamaica has one of the highest percentages of deaf people in the world.

In 1959, the Christian Caribbean Center for the Deaf was founded to help with the deaf in Jamaica.  They go to the villages, find the children and bring them to the schools. At the schools they can learn sign language, get a basic education, and learn how much God loves them.  They also receive vocational training, becoming skilled laborers in a society where most of the population is unskilled.  The CCCD now has three campuses across the island as well as a village where deaf adults can live.

We will be staying at the school, working and helping in whatever ways they want us too.  I am sure there will be lots of playing with the kids.  Signing was my language in college, so I have been practicing like crazy to remember how to use these rusty fingers to communicate!!  It is fun when old experiences can have a new life and meaning in the present.  ( I will have a blog on this in the future)

I will not be posting next week, since I will have no phone or internet.  So I will miss you all.   Being thinking though

” Is there a goal, beyond your abilities to reach, where you can stretch and maybe ask others to help you with?”



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