Jamaica Musings – second try!!



As I sit and try to share some thoughts about the trip, my heart is filled with joy from the experience.

I like the method of setting my intentions for an event before hand and asking- “How will I evaluate the success of the event?”    This was hard because I really did not know what to expect.  My goals were 1)  Have fun and engage with Josh (my son)  2)  Use my signing skills to communicate and share love with the students 3) Eat fried plantains and swim in the Caribbean.



The first day in Jamaica I prayed a prayer from 1 Peter 1:8- to be filled with inexpressible and glorious joy.  Another translation said trusting God with laughter and singing.  Truly, I can say this is what happened.  The time there I felt lightheartedness in my spirit that I haven’t felt for a long time.  Whether I was painting and cleaning the apartment for a new teacher, organizing a workroom or creating the track for sports day I had a song on my lips and laughter bubbling up.  My time with the students was fun.  They were very patient with my signing skills and often words were not needed, as they just loved to be hugged and sit on my lap.  I was impressed with how our youth interacted with the deaf students and just hung out like they would with friends at home.  Josh taught the girls some swing dance moves and one boy tried to teach him break dancing moves.  There was much laughter in both of these scenes.

The food was wonderful.  I did eat fried plantains twice as well as some yummy jerk chicken.   Of course I always love having someone cook for me and enjoyed talking with the cooks and having them share their views on food.  Only spent 2 hours in the beautiful blue Caribbean Ocean, but it was fun and refreshing.   Also visited a beautiful waterfall and got to zipline over it!  We had a fun water adventure driving through some flood waters which was pretty scary, but we arrived home safely.

My favorite part of the day was my early morning walk in the hills and some yoga and stretching in a field.  The beauty and peace inspired and energized me.


What from the time do I want to keep and grow in my present life?

For sure I need to not allow the never ending lists of things to do interfere with my enjoyment of living!!   Laughter and singing make things fun and brings energy to even the most serious of tasks.


Hopefully this has inspired you to step out and take a risk to do something out of your comfort zone and enjoy the benefits of seeing it make a change in your life!


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