Vision for Your Life

In an earlier post, I mentioned an essential part to making decisions is to know where you

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are wanting  to end up.  I received several inquiries for suggestions on how to actually do this.    There are multiple methods for this.   I will share one of my simplest to explain and implement.

So how do you and I begin with the end in mind and determine where you want to end up?  First, schedule an hour with no interruptions  and a place you find inspiring.   For me it would be outside at a park or in my backyard.   You may not finish in this time, but it will give you a good start and can be completed later- anyplace.  Start with some relaxing time, focusing on your breathing and praying.  Let your mind go to 5 years from now.  Picture  what you would like in your life at that time-   Where do  you want to be in your Relationships, Emotional Mastery, Spirituality, Priorities and Purpose, Exercise and Health, Career and Finances, Touching Others (Contribution)?

Next, write them down.  Write in present tense (These things may or may not be part of your life now, but write them as in your future they are a reality).                                      Write them positively.  Say ” I enjoy interacting with my children”  Rather than – We are not fighting.     You can have as many as you want, just make sure you have some in each category above.

Some ideas to help clarify-    R- “I am enjoying giving and receiving love in my relationships      with friends and family”.     E-  “I wake in the morning excited for the adventure of the day” or “I live my life with good boundaries”      S-  “I am confident in God’s love for me and  His power is  working through me”   P- ” I make good use of my time and accomplish what is most most important each day”   E- “I am happy with my body and how I look” or ” I am enjoying working out and eating healthy”  C-” I am fulfilled in my job and enjoy it”or “I am living in abundance, providing for all my needs and able to help others”  T-” I am sharing what I have learned with others”  or ” I am mentoring young women, seeing them grow and develop in amazing ways”.

Exercise bars, Highway to Health An new featur...

The hardest part of this is just getting started.  I know I have even had trouble doing it this past week, even when I know how powerful it is!!    Try it out this week and next week I will share ideas of what to do next.  It really is an amazing exercise.

If you aren’t following my blog, you can just put your email address on the right and you can get it in your email.  Otherwise, check back next week!


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