Vision for your Life pt 2


Varavara Rao


Hopefully you have had a good time writing out how you would love your life to be 5 years from now.  I have done this before and know how empowering it is and still I had a struggle this past week.  Somehow other things get in my way or take priority.   I had to get up early this morning in order to “just do it”.  The process was fun and encouraging once I got started.  so, if you haven’t take the time to write out your vision, then make an appointment with yourself and go for it


Step 2 in the Vision



Ask a trusted friend to help you out.  Read your vision to them one at a time.  Ask them to “mirror” it back to you.  In mirroring they just say the same thing you did.


“I am eating a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables”  And they would say “You are eating a healthy diet of  fruits and vegetables.  Is that correct?”  Now, think about it.  Did they say it the way you meant it?   If they changed it, or if after hearing it aloud you think, hmm…. that is not really what I want. So you say, “I see myself eating a balanced diet of foods that energize me and keep me strong and healthy”.    And they would repeat that back to you.  Keep going until this sounds like exactly what you are trying to say.  This is an ok time for perfection (can you believe it?).  Keep working at it until it resonates in your mind and heart and write that one down.  Then, go on to the next one.


When you have finished, rewrite all your final vision statements on a nice sheet of paper.  You can type them or or do it by hand, but make it into an attractive page.                             


P writing blue


Post it!   You can put it in a frame, on your refrigerator or front of a notebook!   Just put it somewhere important and read it everyday!  Each time you read through it, it will inspire you and pull you forward.  Decisions will be easier and struggles will not seem so huge.




Hooray for you!   This is an amazing thing to of accomplished. Just working through the process has clarified what you are wanting and where you are desiring to go.  If you were to put it away, and found it later in your life, you would be amazed with how close you came to living these out.

Farnham or New Town - So Many Choices


2 thoughts on “Vision for your Life pt 2

  1. I remember making this list before and it seemed to help give me direction. Love the idea of putting it on paper attractively to display or keep close. I’ll probably post mine over my desk, once I tweek it some more. Thanks!

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