Do you Love your routines?

Clean and Beautiful White Cloth

Our routines are things we do each day or week.  They are habits established to do with out even thinking about them.   Last week was one of those crazy weeks where I was burning the candle at both ends and running all around.  Very exciting, but very crazy.  I was really appreciating my routines.  For me they are all about being ready for whatever is coming next.If I unload my dishwasher, set out my clothes and do a 5 minute pick up in each room before going to bed then I can quickly get going and out the door the next day!  If I make my bed and wipe my sink in the morning I can come home to a welcoming environment after a long day.  While this will not keep my home on the cover of House Beautiful, it does go a very long way in keeping attitudes cheerful and preventing salmonella poisoning and nakedness!

This started me thinking about our emotional health and how can I use routines to keep myself on track in this area of my life!

P question

What kind of morning, evening and weekly routines could help me stay current in my emotions and empower me in all areas?   Knowing there are 3 patterns useful in determining our state of heart and mind started me out:

  • Your physiology (what you do with your body)
  • Your focus and beliefs ( whatever you focus on is what you’re going to believe)
  • The language you use (Questions you ask your self and the words you use)                    Using this information, I decided to establish some effective routines.  Remembering in starting a new habit to start small (most of time we tend to want it all now and sabotage ourselves when we can’t achieve it).   So for a week challenged myself every night to ask- “What am I thankful for?”    Trying to come up with a list longer each night.    Then putting my walking shoes beside my bed so I can immediately start my day with movement.  Walking, even if it is only to the corner sets the habit of movement.    It took most of the week to feel comfortable with these new things and I will stick with it another week or two before adding something else.

How about you?   Evaluate these things in your life and what routines might work for you?   What are you doing with your body?  What are you focusing on or believing?   What are you saying to yourself?          Would you be willing to share some of these??

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