It is all about the Journey

Today, I attended the pinning ceremony for my  daughter, along with 20 other students and their loved ones.   It is part of an exciting week of graduation festivities.  I know all of them have an amazing story of diligence and perseverance to achieve this goal.  It is always inspiring to me to hear the background stories.

As the second daughter, Hope, always was always seeking to find her place.  Once she decided what to she wanted, her fierce determination kept her going.  Overcoming dyslexia and ADD tendencies, nothing could hold her back once her mind was made up.     After high school graduation, she was unsure about her future path.

A 3 month volunteer stint in India opened her heart to even more possibilities,  yet still unsure what her passion was.  Her solution was another trip, this time to an orphanage in  Swaziland in southern Africa.  Long hours, harsh conditions, no emotional support – This was one of those excruciatingly painful experiences that stretched and formed her in the way nothing else could.  As a parent we want to protect our kids from everything  and it was hard to just observe from half a world away.   Returning home, I was amazed at the new depth of character as well as her appreciation and zeal for  everything. “I love this sink, the water is so clean and there are no giant roaches crawling up the drain!”  Hmm, talk about perspective.  It also provided the stimulus to buckle down and pursue her higher  education and a goal to shoot for.

One of the first things people notice in her is her welcoming smile.  She had learned how much a smile can change any situation, for yourself and others.  Of course, now we are not surprised she chose to pursue a dental hygiene career.  It fits her personality and her values.

What I have learned from her experience : 1) When you don’t know what to do, then do something outside of yourself.  Maybe an orphanage in Africa or just visiting a nursing home or homeless shelter down the street.  It is amazing how it works to bring perspective and clarity to our own lives when we focus on another.  2)  When you decide- go for it and keep going no matter what!!

I cannot wait to see where her path takes her.  Inspires me in all areas to keep pursuing my passion and dreams!!   Congratulations and thank you for being you!!


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