Where are your hopes and dreams??

Attending multiple college and high school graduation ceremonies this weekend always gets me thinking about how each and everyone has their own stories of how they reached this place in their lives and each one has ideas and plans.   Each one has hopes and dreams and visions of what they want from their lives.

It saddens me to think how quickly we give up on our dreams.      A few missteps, a failure or two and we believe those who would tell us, ” You are too naive to think life can be full of purpose.”  Suddenly life becomes a job.  Just to get through one day and  then start over again the next is a test of endurance.

My passion and purpose is to share the message that you are created for a purpose. Life can be fulfilling.  Please don’t settle for  a life that is just going through the motions.  Yes, there will be problems, challenges and disappointments.  You will fail, but you can learn from your failures and they can strengthen you as you learn and grow.

Maybe your old dreams need to be revived or maybe you need to find a new dream.  Many times people achieve success and are not really happy or fulfilled.  Once you achieve one goal, go on to the next and the next all the time cultivating a heart of gratitude and a joyfulness of contentment.  It is not a far-fetched dream.  You can have it.   Just like an athlete you have to condition yourself for fulfillment and know what you are going for.

Yes, life is a journey and it can be fun and rewarding!!

So for our graduates – Congratulations !  Go for it and keep going!

For the rest of us there is no time like today to embrace where we are at this moment, rejoice and be thankful!  Then decide and make steps toward the future!!   It is never too late.


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