In the Present

At Church this past Sunday. We had to have directory pictures taken. As we get ready to take a photo with my current family– two adults and a very tall teen, my mind goes to memories of past photos.  It is a amazing the organizational finesse it takes to coordinate wardrobe and smiles for a family of 6!  It has been 25 years since a family photo has only had 3 people.

Then I think, in only a few years we will be an empty nest couple.  Oh my, what will that be like?

Suddenly, the photo shoot is over and we are on our way.  I realize I missed a moment in the present by having my mind other places.  I did not relish this this time with these special people in my life.  While remembering is good and anticipating the future reality is important, how often do I miss these special moments of life right now?  As a photo captures and freezes a moment in time, I will never again have the opportunity to live this moment again. While I don’t want to create anxiety or stress about it, I want to consider how can I really enjoy and celebrate the now?

What am I thankful for today ?

How can I celebrate this ?


For me, it is being thankful for my family as it looks right now-  Embracing this “teen boy who almost a man” stage.  Speaking words of encouragement , rather than nagging.

I will celebrate by going out to eat (really it is so reasonable for 3 to eat rather than 6).  There will be fewer distraction than at home. Also, I think, we need a professional photo session for just the 3 of us.  I usually try to arrange a time for everyone, sisters, spouses,  grandchild etc.  But,  it will be a really fun thing to share and celebrate our now moment.

What about you?  How is your present and what can you be thankful for and celebrate??

On a more personal level, I want to look at aging this way too.  I will only be 52 for this one year.  Rather than wish I were younger and regret the years and wrinkles, how can I focus and embrace this time and make it the best it can possibly be??

Again I ask, what am I thankful for and how can I celebrate the now?

I  will write a blog of encouragement to others and then celebrate by listening to the BeeGees and dancing while I sweep my porch. Also, I have a birthday coming soon- how shall I embrace the day?   Do you have any ideas for this?

What a great day! How will you celebrate it?

Lets Have Bizzare Celebrations


7 thoughts on “In the Present

  1. Excellent points, and timing! Heading out to our time share near Tyler, with my two grown, young adult daughters, and almost full grown teenage boys! They hardly need me now. I’ve been missing the times when they were dependent on me, and in many ways easier to manage! I’ll meditate on enjoying the moments with them in the NOW! Thank you, Sonja! Patti

  2. When I a not in the moment I am usually letting something or someone distract me. When I need to get back in the moment I ask myself: Is this really that important anyway? Almost always the answer is no. Makes it easier to be in and enjoy the moment.

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