And it is a Good Good morning!!

English: Sunrise through morning mist

Morning time is the best time to set your tone   for the day.  It is amazing to me how quickly a day can overwhelm me or take me in emotional places I don’t really want to go.   When issues come up and people are annoying, I can become “that person” who is not who I want to be- critical and negative. Then I try to regroup by being angry at myself or withdrawing.  This is not a pretty picture but I bet it happens sometimes to you too.

Establishing a great 15 minute morning routine which includes a power walk is my

3 pair of bike shoes under my desk

answer to the not so pretty Sonja syndrome.     Placing my shoes and shorts by my bed the night before, I can get going quickly and I am out the door before my mind is awake enough to make excuses.

1) Breathing -Starting with warming up ( I do tend to be slow in the morning) breath in deeply with some belly breaths.  Relax your diaphragm and let the air go deeper each time. Focus on the breath.  Then do four short breaths in and four out.  This jump starts your metabolism and brings oxygen to your brain.  I like to alternate the 4-4 breathing with the belly breaths.  Doing 5 of each.

2) Gratitude–  What are you thankful for?   I start with God and all the goodness, love,


healing, etc., He has brought me.  Then starting with my feet I am grateful for my body- strong muscles, ability to walk, heart and lungs working as they should for me every moment.  Then moving outward,  I am so thankful for those closest to me- my husband, each of my children.   I picture their faces and say their names aloud as I experience the joy of these blessings to me.  Another spiral outward and I am grateful for friends and people I work with.  As I look around I am thankful for the sun coming up and bringing light and the birds and trees.  Ahhh, life is good in the moment.

3)Encouragement– To encourage myself  now in a way that will last all day, I use affirmations and repeat them over and over aloud and let them become strong in my mind and spirit.   Repeat a phrase or verse that has meaning to you.  If trying to lose weight try “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels” .  If trying to move forward in life you could try ” I have been created for all good things” or ” Each step brings me closer to my goal”.  Trust me, this might feel a little strange at first, but it really works.  As your words match the rhythm of your feet these truths become a natural part of who you are.

4)Visualize– Now think about your day to come.  Picture the expected activities and even the unexpected ones.  Imagine how you will respond with courage and grace in the midst of each one.  This morning I pictured myself sitting at my desk writing this blog, having just the right words to encourage and support you in trying this new morning routine.  I imagined myself packing for my trip, confident in what things were necessary to bring and what would just be extra weight.  I saw each of my clients and our appointments today having fun and enjoying their progress.

gratitude. =)

5) Celebrate-Hooray-  You are done and have given yourself a wonderful gift.  End with gratitude for life and for this moment in time.  If you want more of a workout then go for it.  You can add more walking, jogging, dancing, yoga or whatever your doctor and you have decided works or just jump into your day.

My suggestion would be to try this just as I have written and then adapt to what feels comfortable to you.   Let me know how it is going and what works in your life.   Make it a great  morning!!