Refresh and Renew

Linda Path, Leura

We all to often keep ourselves at such a busy pace and expect a lot of ourselves.  Each day filled with responsibilities and never ending “to do” lists.   Usually, we don’t notice burn out until it hits us over the head.  What happens when we continually make withdrawals from our emotional bank account?   Just like our financial bank account, when we make more withdrawals then deposits we over draw.  The bank charges us more fees and it is harder and harder to recover.  We end up charging more and going further and further in to debt.   With our emotions we end up going down the slippery slope of Emotional Bankruptcy.  Then everything is so overwhelming we really do not know what to do.

Staying  balanced  is not a luxury we can decide to ignore or.  It is necessary for our emotional well being.  On days when we make deposits of good chemicals in our brains, we bless ourselves and others too.  On days when we are stressed out and just keep going, we end up grouchy and difficult.

How do you regroup and refresh in order to get out of this emotional debt?    It is far to easy to go to our addictions.  This might give us temporary relief and a momentary peace, it does not refill our account.

For me I look at engaging all my senses and adding movement.   Listening to your favorite uplifting music and dancing to it or taking a walk in the rain.  Feeling the water on my skin and smelling the scent of the earth.   Before I sat down to write this I went to the pool.  It was refreshing to glide through the cool water contrasting to the warm sun shining on me and listen to the fountain and the kids laughter nearby.  I so need these moments of engaging in life.   Remember, extroverts need to be with people to renew and introverts need time alone.  Whichever you are, try engaging your senses and enjoy the moment.


Sometimes we need a little more help outside of your self when you are severely, emotionally bankrupt.   Your doctor could have some medications that will help you get your feet back under you and get going.  There is nothing wrong or shameful in this.  If you have gotten so far under, you may need a little extra boost.      In addition, a Life Coach could be the ticket to point out areas where you tend to over withdraw and help figure out how best to regroup and make some healthy deposits.

As I have mentioned we moved my Mother in Law this summer and it really went much better than I would of ever imagined.  It did however, take a huge bite out of my emotional account.  It was taking more time to regroup and balance out than I thought it should.  ( I really do practice what I teach).   So very thankful I called my mentor who told me things I knew to do, but failed to recognize because I was so exhausted.  After that it didn’t take as much regrouping time to get on the right track and feel balanced and ready to tackle my corner of the world.

So, how healthy in your emotional bank account and what things do you do to keep it in




2 thoughts on “Refresh and Renew

  1. Once again so much of your thoughts melt into my souls as truth. I love showing how those of us who really want to please the Lord with our lives and thoughts can share it as an incredible journey. We all need a mentor and we all need the power within to share our intimate thoughts with others. My day has been made better because of you Sonja. Love, Nancy

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