Changing the Things I Can

English: Leaves changing color in Lorain, Ohio

The Calender says,”It is Autumn”. Pumpkins and brightly colored leaf garlands abound to decorate our homes.  The pool is closed and padlocked.  The only problem is the temperature is still 96!  While 96 is not really hot, if it was July or August, we long for some crisp cool air.  As much as we complain and whine about it, we can’t change this.

Often in our lives, we struggle with accepting the things we cannot change and neglect taking steps to change what we can.  Things like the weather, other peoples choices and professional sports teams, fall into the can’t change and must accept as they are.  I can change my attitude, the quality of my relationships and how healthy I want my body to be by working out and eating well.  There are many more in each category, these are just the things I am dealing with today!!  I talked with my sister and she was dealing with the dilemma of saying goodbye to her flowers and plants for the winter time in her part of the country, as she prepares for months of snow and ice.  We all face the changing of seasons in our environment, as well as the seasons of life we live.   While different for us all, we need to keep in mind what we can change and what we can’t.

For today, I will enjoy wearing my shorts once again, light a pumpkin spice candle, work out and be thankful for my air conditioner!!   I will make my calls, some for work and some for fun.   Moving forward in embracing this life journey.

English: Autumn is one of the four temperate s...

How will you embrace this beautiful fall day?


3 thoughts on “Changing the Things I Can

  1. The trees drop their leaves like tears as
    Days of sunshine and the sounds of people at play give way to the waves of cold air. And as there are times of cold changes in our lives we must remember as the tree will be full of green leaves again so will our lives know the joy of sunshine after the harshness passes

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