How do you handle times of Failure?

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Do you ever have those days when things are going so well.  You look around and are amazed at your growth and how you are progressing in your journey of life?  Then you have a crash day and everything inside is saying ” FAILURE”  You think, “What has happened to me.  I haven’t grown at all.    All my pain, weakness, and fears are back again.”    Usually for me this happens when I am focused on a great celebration of victory in one aspect of my life, only to find another lacking.  We all have these moments, even if when in this pit, we feel we are the only one.

These times of  discouragement,when we think all is lost, can bring us great victories of growth, depending on how we handle them.  What we think of as failure can be a springboard to greater things.

Here are  some great ideas:

1) Keep the failure in perspective.  Some things are life altering and some things are really not.  Very few are fatal.  Be thankful for it!  It is a good opportunity for growth.

2) Own up to it.  Yes, I did write that check that overdrew the account and caused many bank fees.  Yes, I did lose my temper and shouted at my teen.  Don’t blame anyone else.  You are responsible.

3) Be kind to yourself.  We are often our own worst enemy.  You can admit fault without abusing yourself or calling yourself names.  To say ,” I am so stupid” does not help you to get out of your mess any faster.

4) Take massive action beyond fixing the current problem.  While a perceived failure tends to put us in a frozen place, this is a time to act.  Trying doing something where you can see immediate results, like washing your car or cleaning out your closet.  This will set the wheels in motion and give you momentum to handle other things.

5) What can I learn from this?  Or, what do I need to change in my life? If you  can learn from a failure, it is productive and serves you well.  You can learn a lot from this time and can make choices about what your want and what you don’t want in your life.  It is the getting up again and again that produces character in your life.

6) Rejoice!!  It is a great day.  Tomorrow is a great day too.

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