What is holding you back?

Have you ever been in this frozen place?  Where you just feel so overwhelmed and every choice and decision seems fraught with dangers.  I used to live in this place quite a bit, without really knowing it.  The idea of a life of purpose and joy was far, far away.  I am so thankful to of gotten out of there.  Unfortunately, it is easy to travel back and somehow it feels eerily comfortable.

Recently, a life circumstance hit me like a truck and threw me back there.  It was not even my life, but someone I love very much, but still had the power to derail me.    I have to ask myself how long can I afford to stay in this place?    Being a Professional Life Coach, I can’t encourage others to go to a place of joy and purpose when I am not there myself.   Faking it does not work for me.  Anything longer than 2 weeks is self- indulgent and for me becomes harder to pull out.  I have people to hold me accountable and lovingly remind me to find a way to take control of my life and emotions.  I may not want to hear it, but am very thankful.   I know how to do it and teach others every day so, yes it is time to jump back into life.

This is what works for me.
What do I have to believe to feel this way?  Be honest with yourself. In the recent situation it was ” In order for me to be happy in life, everyone must be happy”.   hmmm (yes, I am a youngest child)

 Does this work for me in life now?   Really, how often does this happen.

What belief would work better?   ” I am responsible for my life and others are responsible for theirs”.  or  “I am more effective in spreading joy and encouraging others from a place of joy, then getting into the pit with them.”  I am already feeling better.

Movement!!!  This is really important.  This old belief did not just pop into your mind today.  It has been a part of you for a really long time and effected you way to much.  To get rid of it you must get rid of it on a cellular level.  The easiest way is through movement.   My favorite way is to put on inspiring music  and dance.  Really it does work!   You can also take a brisk walk, bike ride, roller skating– just get going and imagine your new thought and belief spreading through your body.

Gratitude!!   What are you thankful for?  There is nothing like gratitude to change our focus and propel us forward.   You are alive today!!  Rejoice!

Take massive Action!   Do something.  It is your life.   Getting back in my blogging habit is my action plan and now I will make a pumpkin pie- really, why wait for Thursday!  Enjoy!!!

Pumpkin pie, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...


3 thoughts on “What is holding you back?

  1. Fabulous reflections, Sonja. Once I get out go the extreme sadness or horror of a loved one’s situation, it’s more possible to think clearly and take action. Thanks for you insights on ways to do this! Love you, Sister

  2. Movement when dancing I find sure puts a giggle in my face and spring in my step. Thanks again for your reflections on how easy it is to step back into past behavior only to find that praise God, I have the tools to stop that a move on and give Jesus the glory.
    Nancy Ratcliff-Rondeau

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