What to say when there are no words…?

Like you, the events of this weekend have been shocking and unimaginable.  Even far away from Connecticut, news like this effects us all deeply.  My first response to a disaster of any kind is to want to get on a plane and do something/ anything to help.  Seeing the impracticality of that action, may I make a difference where I am at the moment.  May I speak peace and joy with my words and actions, spreading it all around me.  This prayer was immediately challenged by my dog who decided to climb onto the table to eat my breakfast!!  Yes, I did yell at him and talk meanly and sharply.  This is harder than I thought 🙂

Regrouping, I can try again and again focusing on what is in my power to change.   Speaking encouraging and thankful words to my sons teachers along with some really nice teacher gifts, letting others get the parking place I wanted or opening doors for others and smiling at them at the store.

Saturday was a funeral for a friend.  This man fought a hard  2 year battle with cancer.  Whenever I saw him at church or Celebrate Recovery he had a warm hug and encouraging words.  Such a huge lesson for me in this, when I am wanting to complain about the small things in life, rather than be thankful for each day.

May all of you experience peace in the midst of the uncertainty of life and as we all reach out to one another- to give to share and to receive – you can make the world a better place.




2 thoughts on “What to say when there are no words…?

  1. I like the idea of regrouping, or changing perspective to look at this a different way. Your example of your friend who dies is such a lesson. He taught a lesson in his hardship. Thank you, Sonja, for passing on your insights.

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