Happy Post Christmas Day!!

167735_486400556458_3960735_n[1]Although I really enjoy the holidays, I always feel  a sigh of relief to be on the safer side of Christmas.  Learning to set my intentions and expectations beforehand has helped immensely as well as accepting the things I cannot change and rejoicing over it all!!

We all look back and evaluate our experiences.  Do you usually dwell on the pro list or the con list?

What was great about the holiday?  –    All my family together on Christmas Eve (kids, grand kids,  Mother in law)- great church service with a great message, amazing annual, untalent show with full participation in matching pajamas-hilarious.  A ton of laughter and love.  A  small, quiet, peaceful Christmas day with snow falling.

What sucked? – A minor 2 person (with another joining in) altercation in the kitchen.   Bought 2 gifts the wrong size.  Finger foods are really more work to set out and clean up than a ham.  Sick baby throwing up. MIL losing her presents because she hid them to keep them safe.   Having to change Christmas day plans because of  weather and illness- (Glad I kept the ham!)

In any given day of our lives there are both great things and not so great things.  I love the fact I can choose what I want to focus on and be thankful for all.  The wonderful times and those precious moments as well as the other things that cause me to learn and grow or just to use good boundaries.

There is a lot of pain and hurt in life.  This year we have lost a  loved one, have family members with sickness, in the hospital and  in jail.  Sometimes this world is a dark and scary place.  It is a balancing act to be realistic, loving and have compassion for all, yet I know the only way to make a difference is to let the light of God work in me and then share it with others.   Last night I enjoyed my sub-freezing walk and was motivated by the array of lights on many homes, reflected in the snow and piercing the darkness.  My prayer is to not only walk in the light, but to shine for others- with encouragement and hope.

Very first white Christmas in Texas
Very first white Christmas in Texas

4 thoughts on “Happy Post Christmas Day!!

  1. I love every relatable word. How beautiful we do have full and complete choice of rejoicing in all times and appreciating the sad and difficult for important purpose. The beauty to pass back into the joyful hug of Jesus.

  2. I appreciate the example of choosing to focus on the ‘what was great’ instead of the ‘what sucked’. Our minds are so powerful that we have the ability to create happiness depending on what we choose to dwell on. Thank you, Sonja.

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