Where is your highlight reel of 2012?

“We  compare the highlight reel of others lives with our unedited everyday life.”

How true is that?  We never hear about all those moments of lost gloves or sitting at stop lights, but we see the long running uncut 24 hour a day vision of our own existence.  Our own highlights get lost in the midst of all the everyday normal stuff.  No wonder others live’s seem more interesting!    The end of the year is a great time to step back and look at the highlights of your own year.  What were the exciting things?  What were the painful things you learned?  Taking the time to write them down along with what you learned helps you to bring greater perspective and empowers  you to allow room for more  excitement  and growth in the future.  It is really a fun exercise!!

From my highlight reel: (not for you to compare, but to motivate you

  • Birth of my Grandson: 3 days in the NICU———-I learned there is a deeper strength in us all. Everyday can be an adventure and in learning to walk you have to fall down a lot- but keep trying (good for any new skill)

  • Mission Trip to Jamaica- School for the Deaf——— It is good to get our of my comfort zone, set a goal beyond my ability and ask for help in achieving it.  Giving to others comes back and enriches my life beyond what I have given.
  • Unexpected death of my brother in law————-We are never promised tomorrow.  Appreciate our times with those we love.
  • Power of Princess Weekend————Never give up on my dreams, even when they take 10 years to accomplish.  Keep pushing forward and take a risk.
  • Starting my Blog!!————-It is challenging to stay consistent and it is sometimes hard to find the words for what I want to say, but the discipline is good for me and forces me to reach deeper and grow.

Thank you for walking this journey with me this year.  I hope it has been encouraging and helpful to you!!

Now it is your turn.  Grab a paper or computer and write your highlights and learning experiences.  Send them to me if you like.  I would love to rejoice with you!!


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