January Habit 2013


Confession Time:  I did not do well in my 2013 goal of getting up this morning smiling and excited about my day.  It was cold and cloudy and just way to early today.  Then, I was grouchy and very unmotivated.

The good news is, it helped me to decide on the January Habit of the Month leading to my goal of waking smiling each morning. (See previous post if you missed this announcement!)  There have been so many ideas swimming in my head of wonderful, helpful habits I want to implement and share and it has been hard to choose.  This usually is the problem with resolutions, as we try to do too many things and then crash and burn and why we will be only implementing one or maybe 2 habits a month in this plan!

This morning in my grumpiness, I knew the fastest and easiest way to change my mood was music!!    YES!! I turned on my happy, morning playlist and soon I was encouraged by Carole King, Micheal Jackson, Chris Tomlin and PINK into a wonderful, motivated state of mind.

So, for our first ever monthly habit for January, make a morning playlist with songs and artists you enjoy and find motivating.  I like Spotify as you can choose from many songs and they are free.  You can use your i-pod or make a mixed CD or even a cassette tape!  Just do it and then start the habit of putting it on first thing in the morning.   Write and let us all share how it is going!!  I will share another habit in about 2 weeks, so be sure to click below to “follow”  my blog and get a notification in your email.

May it be a Great New Year!!


4 thoughts on “January Habit 2013

  1. I was thinking while I was on a run this morning how fantastic that Power of Princess weekend was! I felt so FREE because my focus was back full force! I have to say the last month I have let it fade for being in automatic mode alot, and it slowly creeps it’s way back! Yikes! One of my goals is to be more intentional about making my choice to be POSITIVE and HAPPY with the right FOCUS! Life is too short to focus on anything but what brings LIFE, and that is my hope, my desire, my vision for 2013! You have motivated me to take this to another level:) thanks girl!

    1. Hooray for you girl!!! This is great news, since one of my goals was to have something lasting. It is easy to let life just happen and wonderful to have a plan that you can pick up and say, ” this is what I can do if I want that focus and fulfillment in my life today!!” We need to be planning a date for Power of Princess 2.

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