Live Free in 2013

Each morning when I was in Jamaica, I was awakened early by the goat lawnmower bleating out his greetings outside my window.  As I opened my eyes, I was excited about the day and the adventures to come.   This feeling only grew as I quickly dressed and went out to have my mountain walk and workout as the  sun began to peek up and warm the earth.

Some days I do have that response to a new day and greet it enthusiastically and others I am likely to curse the alarm and pull the blanket over my head.   In thinking about the coming year and what I would desire to change, I have decided to find  a way to make my mornings a joyful anticipation of all the day might hold.   There could be multiple approaches to achieving this and I will work on establishing habits- physical, spiritual and mental to get there.  While I can’t get a pet goat as my alarm clock or build a mountain in suburban Ft Worth, I will look for changes I can make and each month establish new habits to help me in this.

How about you??    What internal experiences in your life would inspire you, motivate you toward freedom?    Instead of resolutions this year-  lose weight, exercise more, stop watching tv- start with why is this important and how will this change me or the world, them move backward to the habits to implement.

If you would like to figure out how to awake every day with joy and excitement no matter what the circumstances are in your life, feel free to join me!!  Things are always more fun to do with support and others ideas!!      Let me know what habits you think would be helpful in establishing this.  I will post 3 new habits for each month starting this afternoon!!               I already am excited and can’t wait to get started!!


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