Blog # 53= free gift for you!!

Hooray, Hooray!!

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My goal last year was to learn about blogging and write an inspiring and helpful blog once a week.  While I was not as consistent in my timing as I had wanted to be, I did come pretty close to having 52 posts in one year and I have learned so much.  Just getting my typing speed up and letting my ideas flow onto the keyboard rather than with a pen has improved.

In thanks for all of you who have been “following” me, I want to give you one of my favorite coaching tools.  This one called ” The Interview” is very helpful in getting you thinking beyond the present into what you would like your life to become.    While I do use this in coaching clients, I think it could be very useful for you to do on your own.  You will gain insights and perhaps learn new things about yourself.  It might give you ideas for changes you want to make or things you want to stay the same.

To get your tool, you will need to send me a note on the blog. What has been helpful here or just a Hi Sonja congrats on meeting your goal!!  AND also send me an email at indicating your desire for “The Interview” .   If you are not currently following me, you can still get your tool by clicking follow and then doing the 2 steps above.

I am excited about continuing blogging and am keeping  my goal of once a week and getting better and better at it for  2013!!

What goals have you accomplished and where would you like to go this year??


7 thoughts on “Blog # 53= free gift for you!!

  1. Congrats my dear friend. I know the goal of posting can sometimes slip away but the brain is always thinking. I have had a goal this year of writing purposely from 7-9PM 4 days a week on multiple projects. Blogging is a beautiful connection. I thank God for wiring my brain in such a way that writing is always possible.

  2. Congratulations on your blogging adventure! I’ve enjoyed getting the emails–nice reminders to not only live in the moment but find its joy! I think you are slowly rewiring my brain!!! Wishing you all success in your blogging and coaching! You are awesome with both!

  3. The idea that I can choose to get out of my blues, with music, meditation, thankfulness is impowering. After reading about your playlist, I went to Pandora and listened to Nora Jones for hours while I did my chores practically dancing. Thank you, Sonja, for sharing what you’re learning. It is just what I need. Looking forward to The Interview.

  4. Hooray for you! And you have been such an inspiration for me to pursue my goals with more passion! and to be more specific in determining exactly what they are! 1) be more positive, 2) expand my massage therapy to include reflexology and obtain certification.
    Thanks Sonja for reminding me to live at love or above!

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