Happy Ground Hog Day!

The groundhog (Marmota monax) is a rodent of t...

I absolutely love the movie “Ground Hog Day”.   The main character “Phil”, begins as a surly, pessimistic guy who is forced to relive February 2 again and again until he learns some lessons.    There have been days I wish I could have a do over with–  Words, I wish I had kept to myself or actions or decisions made where I wonder, “What was I thinking?”.

While it is not likely I will have the opportunity to relive a day over and over until I get it right,  I can give myself grace when mistakes are made.   A heartfelt apology cannot undo a wrong, however it goes a longer way to healing the relationship than beating myself up.   So many experiences in life are just learning curves.  If we can learn the lessons and go on to a brighter tomorrow, sometimes it is worth it.  We can go forward in life stronger and with the vision to make it different next time.

So, Happy Ground hog day to you!  Is there some where you need a do over ?    This is a good day to right a wrong, to step out and say you are sorry. Or maybe grant another a do-over for something they have done and wish they hadn’t?  None of us are perfect.  We will make mistakes.  How we handle these are the true test of our character.


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