March Habit of the Month!

wake up 2Hopefully you have been Marching on to our goal of waking each morning ready and excited for the adventure it holds –  How are you doing in your  habits of listening to your inspiring  music in the morning and asking yourself your evening questions?  Our March habit is very practical.   Making my  morning flow easily and smoothly helps me face it with a much more positive attitude   Having easy to fix, but delicious breakfast items ready to go helps me flow into the day.  So, our March habit is ….. EASY BREAKFAST!!!

Numerous studies have shown how important it is to fuel our bodies in the morning, and yet it is so often the most overlooked meal of our day.  It boosts our metabolism and gives you energy all day.  Just a little planning can help us give our body what it needs and provide incentive to get up in order to eat it!

Would you like some ideas?

My girls being hypoglycemic needed their protein every morning so I would make ahead breakfast casseroles, containing eggs, meat and a green vegetable.  This kept the insulin from spiking and dropping through the day.  These can be cut into individual size pieces and stored easily for everyone to microwave when needed.

These days since we are doing a 90 day challenge to lose weight and  gain some lean muscle we are doing a VISALUS high protein/ meal replacement shake.  Just 1 minute to pour into some milk or almond milk and blend!  Sometimes add some fruit for more excitement.  We found a brand that is delicious, high quality and reasonably priced.  If you are interested, check it out

Soft boiled eggs take 3 minutes.  Then just crack off the top and eat with a spoon- European style. Delicious!!

Boiled eggs

Setting up my coffee pot the night before allows me to just flip the switch in the morning and it feels like a miracle to have a steaming hot drink ready for me!   Almost as good as a personal butler.

Think about it.  How would being in the habit of knowing you had an easy meal ready for you help you face the day with more determination and excitement?

Could you share some ideas on easy morning meals?


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