May Habit! Get your Body Moving!!


I could say, “Get your booty moovin!”

This year we have been developing habits helping us get up each morning excited about life and the day.   We have made a morning playlist of songs to motivate and encourage us, found some empowering questions to ask in the evening and made it easy to  have a fun nutritious breakfast.

This month let’s try adding movement.  

Sometimes  exercise has a negative connotation.  We think it has to be grueling and hard.  In my book, exercise or movement has to be fun to be effective.  While forcing your self to do something because you must, might have some benefits to your body, in won’t help your overall enjoyment of life.   There are so many options, it is easy to find a few that not only help your body, but also are fun and make you want to do it.  Some people may enjoy walking outside or on a treadmill while watching a movie.  My husband has a stationary bike and can read while cycling.  There are tons of classes- zumba or yoga, and many more dvd’s.  Swimming, hiking, stair climbing, gardening, dancing …….

Another hindrance to exercise is we feel we are to busy.   The house, the kids, work  and everything seems much more important.   And then there is the fact we feel tired.  The best solution for both busyness and exhaustion is exercise   It seems counter intuitive, but if you are tired and busy you need exercise!   Moving your body helps us cope with stress, feel better and have more energy!   I am not kidding!

Be wise here.  If  you have been a couch potato, don’t go run a 5k tomorrow.  Sometimes you have to set goals and take

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling ...
Exercise does not have to be boring !

them step by step. You may need to check with your doctor before starting something heavy,  but get moving- do  something today.  It may be to walk around the yard or put the laundry away upstairs, just do it, but make it fun!!

Put your music on and get moving!!

Do you have great ideas to share  on fun ways to get yourself moving?  Leave a message and help us all out!!


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