The 10

My first time to reblog here! Haley has some great ideas to get us moving with a 10 minute workout! Adapt to fit your body needs, but set a timer, put the music on and got going! A great start to the day!

Praying For Pullups

Here is a workout I did this past morning when I woke up late but wanted to earn my morning shower. I have this weird issue where if I haven’t sweated, I feel like I haven’t earned a shower. It also helps me stay accountable with working out. A shower is something you earn in my book!

So here is a 10 minute workout I came up with. It takes some preparation and is completely modifiable. Try not to do it as your workout for the day unless you have a crazy busy day. Add it at the end of a run or do 2 sets for a total of 20 minutes.

Pick 10 workouts, set a timer for 10 minutes and do 10 reps each. Once you finish all 10 workouts, start over and keep going till the timer runs out. Do body weight or light weighted workouts and…

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