7 Ways Exercise Meets Our Needs


We all spend our time in ways we have learned to use to meet our needs.  Sometimes these means are truly productive and serve us while other times they are not.. and don’t serve us at all.  One way of analyzing how well an activity serves us is by seeing how well it meets our seven major needs.  One activity we do at my retreats is to list ways we spend our time and then rate each one on a scale from zero to ten with ten indicating it meets that need 100%!  If we have a lot of time spent on activities with quite a few scores under 5, we might want to rethink these, in order to have time for more productive items.

I was really surprised how well exercise ( or movement)  fits this model.  It is one of the easiest ways to score high in all need categories.

1) Security/comfort-9- Ability to avoid pain and feel pleasure, escape stress and feel safe and secure. Getting out and moving, whether running, dancing or yoga just makes you feel better and more in tune with life.

2)Surprise /Variety 9 – Ability to escape boredom and the mundane, feel challenged and excited.   Do something different with exercise- run in the rain or jump into a cool pool.  Ahhhh!!

3)Significance 9 -Ability to feel needed, important and unique.    Again there are so many options here.  Some people might work toward a goal, maybe a race or improving their time.  I just like to challenge myself to try new things.

4) Support/ Love 7 –  Ability to feel intimate, connect share with others or yourself.    You could join a class or a running group.  Even if  you exercise solo, you can connect with nature outside.

5) Self- Improvement/ Growth  10 – The ability to improve oneself, learn new things, move toward your highest potential   This is the easiest to see.  Of course we are improving our body, mind and life!

6)Sharing/ Giving back to the world 7- Of course more energy and better health can improve our contribution the the world.

7) Spirituality 10 – I can pray a lot while walking or working out.  Plus, it just gets me in tune with my body and my higher purpose!

This morning I was having a little trouble getting motivated and focused in my day.  So, I went in the yard for 10 min of yoga, then ran around the perimeter 10 times with the dogs on my heels.  They thought is was great fun and we ended up laughing on the ground.  The above scores are from that experience, an average of 8.5.    Hooray, instant motivation and ready for an amazing day.

What can you do to jump start your day?  Come on Get your booty moovin!!


2 thoughts on “7 Ways Exercise Meets Our Needs

  1. Ha ha! I can just see you running around the house with dogs chasing you, then falling on the ground laughing! That in itself is enough to make me laugh, with a feeling of abandon!

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