Need some help, please

Good Morning Blog World!

This morning is one of those simply amazing times- perfect temp, perfect amount of humidity, sun shining, but not too bright.   A great opportunity to enjoy the moment.  I know this afternoon, it will change and I will have to adapt to the 90 degrees and blazing sun.   This is life.   Not every moment can hold that perfect mix of everything being wonderful.  Things happen- pain comes, work comes, relationships are stressed.   Our growth and happiness is dependent on us learning how to accept what we cannot change, change what we can, even if it is within ourselves and adapt to life in a way that makes it a better place for all.  Life is an adventure- ups and downs, turns and twists.  Embrace it, go with the waves. Love, live and laugh your way through the rapids!

This is my perspective and what I want my blog to be.  To live this and encourage others.

A year and a half ago,we started out titling the blog as Life Coaching Plus, thinking it would be the work of Clay and I and this is the name of the coaching practice.   I mean really, what is better than 2 life coaches and we have some very diverse ideas.  A big plus in my world!!          As the blog has grown, we have adapted- Clay going to for his ideas and this one becoming more of my own voice.

So, I am thinking of changing the name!!  This is where I need your help.  Those who read my blog could tell me what they get out of my message and mission here-  How can I say it in 3 words?      My friend and colleague has “Purpose and Joy”.  (Of course we so often want what we cannot have, but I am looking for something that illustrates my message)

I have also considered Sing A Sonja .  You have to say it aloud for it to make sense.  This is my voice or my song.  Doesn’t say anything about coaching, but it is catchy and when I give it as my email, I usually get positive responses.

Now, feedback time.  What do you think of Sing A Sonja or do you have another idea for me?

This is a good time to thank all of you who read my blog.  I have really had fun learning how to get my ideas on paper,(Even though it is virtual paper)  and sharing with you all!!  My goal for the summer is to increase my posts from one to five a week, so stay tuned and see if I can do it!!

Don’t forget to have fun today!!




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