Letting Go and Moving On

English: Climber repelling Rooster Rock in the...

Just because you have done something for a long time, does not mean you must continue it forever;                                     Your past does not equal your present;                                                                                                                                                                  You sometimes have to let go of one thing in order to embrace something new.

This are things I often say in reminder to others who are making change in their lives.  Yes, it is easier to say than to live it out.  Today, I let go of a position I have had for a very long time.  I loved it and was good at it. I enjoyed it immensely and received many emotional rewards for it in my life.  I also felt I made a difference in the lives of others here.   So, to say this is tearing a part of me away is not overstating it.  Even when I know it is the right thing to do, there is grief, loss and fear.  What if this is not the right decision?  What if no one likes me anymore? What if I never find something else that I enjoy this much?  Oh my!  This is normal, I tell myself.

When I went repelling, they had me all strapped and secured with the ropes.  The hardest part was letting go of the base and grabbing onto the rope.  Even though I knew I was safe, it took a little while to convince myself to make that move, then the rest of the journey was a blast!

How will I handle it?   Allow the feelings to come and go, yet tell myself the truth.   “This is time to go on”.  “My worth and value is not in what I do.”  ”  I have been through change before and it has been good.”  ”  I will grow from this and the future is wide open.”

I  made some cute matching prairie bonnets.  Not sure that would help anyone else, but it felt good to do a project with an result that can be seen.

Tomorrow will be easier and I can rejoice in stepping out and the adventure of the future!!

Sometimes freedom comes with some pain, but I have been here before and know it is worth it to grow, to learn and to keep on this journey of life!!

(And, no the picture is not of me, but it is a great illustration.  My repelling adventure was in the inner city, not so beautiful but just as scary!)


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