Can you believe it is August?


Time for our new habit of the month.  I have enjoyed the summer time and focus on having fun and freedom.   With  August comes back to school time for many!  Whether as a  teacher or with kids going back to school or just the memory of all the many years we ourselves spent in the classroom, there is a sense of shift from the careless days of summertime to a bit more structure of the fall.  Of course here, the season of fall is far away as temperatures soar, but I can imagine!

So, our August habit of the month will settle in to a bit more of establishing our routines.  Routines are those things we do every day, month etc. They are so much of a habit, we do them without thinking.   I really love routines, as they make life flow and not feel like it is so much work.  Establishing routines does take some effort and is so very worth it.   Back in February we created  a habit of asking empowering questions as part of our evening routine.

Now, we will take it a bit further.  In the evening set your clothes out for the next day!!     Bear with me here.  For some reason this usually gets a lot of resistance.  People argue ” But how am I to know how I will feel tomorrow and what I want to feel.  for some reason it feels limiting.  Really though, that is the point!  This is a terrific way to decide how you will feel tomorrow!!  Not only will your morning go so much smoother, but you can place seeds of positive thoughts in your brain.   Think about your day to come and while deciding what to wear, ask yourself “What am I excited about tomorrow?”  or “How will I fulfill my purpose tomorrow?”

Before you dismiss this idea as too much effort, try it for a month and then decide. Of course, by then it will be such a habit in your life, you will just be flowing with it!!

If you haven’t been following our habits toward making your morning easier and exciting, this is a  great time to jump in!!


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