Power of Princess Retreat!!

Do you ever feel your life is just going through the motions of living , rather fully engaging?  Do you sometimes think you do your duty or what you  are supposed to do in a given situation, but then question, what you really are supposed to do?   Do you long to feel more excited, productive and fulfilled in your life?  Do you at some level feel your are not fulfilling the promises you’ve made for yourself or expressing the potential that lives within you?

This truly engaged life is possible.  It is not on an easy road, but it is achievable.  It comes though, not a change of people around you or a change in circumstances, but through focusing on and lighting the fire inside you and giving yourself the permission to step out of your everyday life and shine!

At our Power of Princess Retreat, this is what we do.  We open a new plane of possibilities to this more vital, colorful life that you have dreamed of.  It is not just an emotional charge,but a true inner shift of thinking and feeling.  In the midst we laugh and cry and give and receive support.

Sonja has co-led a similar retreat for many years, (by a different name), but has changed it up and made it totally new and her own.  Her passion is to lead other women into finding their unique gifts and unleashing them to make the world a better place.

If you are ready to begin this journey or take another step, this is a great opportunity.

Join us:

September 20-22, 2013      Friday Evening to Sunday

Glen Rose, Texas       Anderson Creek Cabins  (About one hour from Dallas/ Fort Worth)

For more info  and prices contact Sonja at  singasonja@aol.com



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