When playdoh (or life) loses its fragrance!

A container of pumpkin pie spice. Español: Un ...

What a beautiful autumn day!   Feeling fallish, I wanted to make some pumpkin play dough for my grandson.  To make it, all you do is add pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg blend) to a basic play dough recipe.  All went well until we added the spice and though I kept adding more and more, I could never get enough for that pungent, delirious smell, I was looking for.   Hmmm………… Evidently pumpkin pie spice does not last for many years and mine must have been too old. So sad.  I did add vanilla which redeemed the moment of adventure and it is good to know I will have to buy more spice before the holiday season is fully upon me.

Sometimes life can be like this.  We don’t even realize when we go along in life, doing what we always do, but maybe there is little joy or adventure or spice of life in our days.     We need to know that the need for adventure or surprise in our lives is critically important.  If we go too far into security, life can become boring and mundane, and then often we react in an unhealthy way to balance this need.  We might overspend, or pick a fight with a loved one, just to break up the monotony.

While it may not be an easy fix like just going to the store and buying more, how can we replenish ourselves with a new batch of spice in a healthy, profitable way?  One way could be a habit of “Celebrating the New”.  You know how much I dislike change in my life, so in working on being more open with change, I decided not to call it change, but “newness”.  While it has been helpful in making friends with change, an unexpected benefit has been a new excitement or sense of adventure in my spirit!  ( I love it when one action has multiple benefits!)

What are some ways to celebrate the New?   As with anything, planning is the key.  It sounds like an oxymoron, to plan for surprise, but otherwise it just won’t happen.

1)Take regular trips–  You don’t have to go far.  Just a change of scenery and getting out of your normal routine, even if just  over one night can help.  Look at the next 12 months and plan to get away every 3 months.   This is just 4 times in a year.  It opens the door for new thoughts, feelings, insights and brings perspective.

2) Ethnic meals–  Once a month or perhaps once a week, go to a different restaurant that serves a different type of ethnic food.  There are so many choices and options.  Ask friends for suggestions of their favorite places.  Or, you could get a few friends together and take turns hosting a meal (they could cook or get take out) of different types of food.  You might say, I don’t like Lebanese or Thai food.   HMMM….. I think that is the point!  Get out of the rut and stretch yourself.

3)Music– If you listen to your playlist like we do for our morning or evening routines in the same order, this meets our need for security and stability.  What happens if we add new songs or just put it on shuffle?  It meets this need for surprise/ adventure!  What could be easier than that!  Or, if you walk or drive one way every day, then today, try a different route.  Little adjustments can bring great benefits.

Do you have any ideas?!  How can you “Celebrate the New”  today and bring some new spice in your life!?

At least the pumpkin patch was a big hit!  Now that is an adventure!
At least the pumpkin patch was a big hit! Now that is an adventure!

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