Caring for yourself– Key to peace and preparedness!

Ice Angels
Ice Angels

This is an example of rime icing … supercooled water droplets (i.e., liquid water at subfreezing temperatures) in the fog we had overnight, and these super tiny droplets of water froze as soon as they made contact with the weeds  which were also exuding water creating these very delicate crystalline fibers that got bent into various shapes by the subtle winds tracing out what remains of the leaves here in the woods.

You dare not touch them, for they are hollow and disintegrate into a feathery mound of crystals at the slightest disturbance.  Since our temp today will be above freezing, even for a few hours we will lose these delicate beauties.  This is an example to me of enjoying the beauty of life in small things! (this photo and explanation were sent to me by the local weather man- way too scientific for me to come up with, but can still enjoy!)

We are into day 3 of our icemagedden.  This is a unique pattern for Texans.  Day one is fun and exciting as school and work are closed and kids are enjoying sledding.  But by now our food sources and growing slim and cabin fever has set in. Even the paper is not delivered.

Whenever this is predicted, people make a mad dash to the store, emptying the shelves of water, toilet paper and salsa.Of course the predictions could be wrong and we only get non freezing, but very cold rain.  When it is right, who would  want to be caught without the necessities of life. Everyone’s idea of housebound food is different. I sent my hubby to the store for hot cocoa  and-he returned with frozen shrimp!!

This got me thinking about preparation and how vital it is to life.  When a storm comes we stock up, wrap our faucets and put water in the bathtub. I do have great memories of losing power when growing up and my dad (a former farm-boy) keeping us warm and cozy with the fireplace. While life adventures cannot be predicted by the weather man, we can be prepared in some ways for what might happen.  I do not advocate worry or always looking for the next shoe to drop, but life is often crazy and stuff happens.   Our December habit is self- care.  Stay with me here.  When we neglect our self, we are not ready for the unexpected.  Often when life feels out of control or just very busy, the first casualty is our self.  How many times have we neglected, sleep, eating right, and even bathing when life is uncertain.  These are the things that keep us going and keep us ready.

Thursday night I had finally made it home and ready to stay bundled.   My MIL called and had a bloody mouth, possibly from a fall.   Thankfully, I had gas in my car and could make a mad dash over there.  MY thought was to bring her here for the duration, but when I got there she was fine and couldn’t remember a problem. It was good that I went, even if I did complain and even better that I was prepared for the unexpected.

This month when we focus on peace and joy and reaching out caring for others, lets not neglect the fact we must care for ourselves in order to spread peace and joy to the world.

It might be,diligence in an exercise class once a week, making sure to get to sleep on time, or noticing emotional issues we cannot resolve on our own and taking steps to find a good professional to walk us through.

These people were not prepared!!
These people were not prepared!!

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