Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

And yes, January and the new year is here, whether I am ready for it or not!  December seems to be a blur lost in ice storms, frigid weather and never-ending influenza.  In the midst of it all are special moments of watching my adult kids decorating the tree with laughter and special moments during a shared cup of coffee and standing in never-ending lines at the store.  Thrown into the midst is the early arrival of grand baby number 2!  A great reminder to me when I think life should be simple and perfect, it rarely is.  The Christmas story is about a baby coming into a harsh, messy world bringing hope and miracles.  Sometimes we wish our world was different.  We miss those no longer in our lives or struggle with relationships as they are.  We have illness or financial concerns.  It is at these times we can look for miracles, while they may look different from expected, they are here with us.

In coming home after being cocooned in the world of a new-born learning to adapt to this world, brings me new perspective.  Sharing the daily routines of life, feeding, changing and endless snuggling of two precious lives, with my daughter is part of an amazing journey.  It seems like another world to come home and enter normal life and responsibilities.  Finally, the tree is removed and decorations stored for another year, I look at the empty spot, freshly vacuumed.  The flu bug has left me easily tired. While not sure if  I am completely

On January 5, 2005, a major ice storm hit Cent...

ready for what this new year has for me, I know it will be part of this great adventure called life.  While there are many things I can’t control, I can grab  what I can and make it amazing!  My outlook, character and meanings in all circumstances can only be controlled by me and this goes a long way in making it a great year!

Blessings and Happy Days for you!!


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