Feeling Very Olympian today!

It is no secret I love the Olympics!  The pageantry and excitement of the opening ceremonies give me goose bumps, with all the different countries so unique and yet there they are all together.  Hearing the interesting background stories of the athletes is inspiring.  Of course, the coming together of so many cultures sounds amazingly fun.

I have to be careful though. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and passion of others in their story, that we neglect our own.  Honestly my life is pretty dull compared to all this.  For most of us no matter how outstanding we are in the really important areas of our lives, we will get no gold medal.  We are lucky if we get a thank you or nod of “good job”.  I think about the mom who is up all night, after night with a colicky baby, a teacher battling ignorance and influenza on a daily basis to light the fire of learning in children, the nurse dealing with life and death.  And what about your life, your relationships, your dreams?  How do we find the motivation to step up day after day and put forth our best?

Idea #1- Have a vision for where you are going-                                                                 Make a list of what specific elements you want to happen or experience.  When you list them, write in present tense, as if it were already a reality and make it positive. Some ideas might be……

I am waking in the morning excited about life.  

I have great relationships with my children.

I am working in my garden which is producing abundantly.

I travel to exotic places and meet exciting people.

I love my work and am making a difference.

This might take some time to get exactly what you want, but the process is helpful.  When complete post it somewhere you will see every day.  Take a minute to read it aloud every day.  You will be amazed at where this will take you in your future and even in the present.

I have a few more ideas so stay tuned!  I am off on my own biathlon of dancing and laundry.


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