Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

I was almost as glad to have the Olympics over as I was to have them come.  It does take up a lot of my time and energy keeping up with it all. Of course, the opening  and closing ceremonies are always my favorite anyway.  Like I love pilots and series finales of TV shows and if I only watched those, I could save a lot of wasted time!  I also love births, weddings and funerals.  LOL  OK so before this turn into a blog on living between our high mountain top experiences, I will get to my point.

These people have trained endlessly for years.  Sometimes the win went to the favored and sometimes the most experienced failed and the win went to some one less experienced and not expected.  It all came down to performance on that day.  Some of the races were won by .005  or even .0007 of a second.  Oh my goodness.  I cannot even imagine how that would feel.  There could be many number of lessons learned in this.  What stands out for me is that every day is a chance to win.  I will step up to the starting line as the day begins and give my best effort. Hopefully it will be better than the day before.  Sometimes I will crash in a heap, flailing arms and legs in all directions looking for solid ground.  Other times I will soar in one way or another, knowing I have all that it takes for the victory of the day!  And then thankfully, I can start again the next day.  Every day is a gift and I can ask—

Did I live?

Did I love?

Did I laugh?

and Did I make a difference?

Ahhh now that is a Gold Medal performance!


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