Conquering the Fear of Decluttering part 2

Last time I wrote about how for changes in our habits we need to look at out beliefs on that topic.  What are we telling ourselves that crate a conflict between what we want to do and how we actually live.

You can live fully in the present!!  Let it go, Let it go!
You can live fully in the present!! Let it go, Let it go!

Hopefully you have identified at least one belief  that is keeping you stuck in this habit and how it has served you in the past and how it is not serving you in the present.  Otherwise reread the last post.   I used decluttering for my example.   Now on to the next step!


Step 2- What is the truth that would serve me better?

Remind yourself , you are an adult and in this view what belief do you now hold that would serve you at this time and counteract the old one which is not serving you.

In my present I truly believe,” The world is an abundant place, full of joy and generosity.”  With this belief I can still be creative but not fearful of the future and having what I need.

Step 3- Am I willing to give up the belief that does not serve me in order to embrace the one that does?    While this might sound like an easy step, It is crucial to make a firm decision.  This old belief has been around for a long time and has helped you survive life to get to this place.  To get rid of it causes fear and anxiety in our heart and brain.  Lovingly reminding your self of the new belief and how it will not negate the good things brought by the old belief, but add to it and remove the negative effects will help resolve the fear and resistance.  It is often helpful to write a letter to yourself telling yourself about this change and why it will be helpful.   I know it would like a lot of extra work, but realistically it is less time than constantly slipping back and letting old, worn out beliefs dictate your present.  Take the time to crate lasting change.  You are worth it!

Steps 4-  Massive Action!   Usually I like creating habits that are doable.  Every day routines are better than flash in the pan burn out activities.  However, when changing a long-held belief it is time for something big where you can see progress and know you are fully committed.    for me in my decluttering adventure, I hit my bedroom hard, clearing out my bookshelves, drawers and desk!  My kids were asking, “Who are you and what have you done with my mother?”  Since then, I have continued but on a slower much more manageable pace of attacking one section at a time.  I am making room in my home and  in my heart to fully engage in the present!   A very freeing adventure!

How about you?  What habits or beliefs are holding you back and keeping you stuck?


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