Courage to Be Yourself

Come on jump into the fun of being yourself!
Come on jump into the fun of being yourself!

Throughout our lives we have received input on who and what we should do do be ok.  Some of us have huge ideas that are impossible to reach or often these ideas are conflicting.  We read magazine articles or books trying to improve ourselves and if you are like me these are sometimes helpful and sometimes make us feel a little less than or never able to measure up to others.  Other people look like they have life easy and have achieved perfection or gotten it all together.  So,we try harder and sometimes we are successful and other times fall on our faces.  For me the break though came when I realized no one really has achieved this perfection.  Everyone puts on a nice smile and gets dressed the same way I do!  I can learn great things from others in one area or another and they can actually learn from me in another.  I am so lucky to have a long time friend who taught me to be more structured and organized with my days with young babies.  She is highly gifted in this area.  She in turn says she learned from me to relax more and have more fun with her kids.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  The challenge it to grow in both of them; to understand and accept our own unique selves while continuing to grow!

Back in my early yours of coaching, I worked with a great team hosting a workshop called “The Power of Purpose”.  It was great to work with people in defining and coming up with their unique purpose statement for their lives.  Even though I was a whiz at guiding others to complete this task and launch them forward in their future, I was struggling in  defining my specific statement.  I knew it deep down and was felt I was actually living it, but knew I needed to have something tangible to encourage and guide me.  Thinking about it one night, I just thought about the fact that God had given me talents and gifts and a life so unique.  Added to this my training had allowed me to strongly embrace this.  Thus was formed my purpose statement– “To fully grow and embrace my unique self; to walk in the best I can be and model this and encourage others in their journey”.      This has guided my coaching practice and taken many different looks in different seasons of my career and personal life.

Recently I joined a blogging group where we are challenging each other to learn and grow in our blogging adventures.  While not comparing myself to them, I have learned a lot and grown from their examples.  This month is a face book challenge.  I have started a group with the purpose of encouragement to be yourself.  I am not really sure the form this will take, but am excited about the prospect!   You can join the group and jump in!        Or go to facebook and search for sing-a-sonja group.

How have you learned to embrace your unique qualities?


2 thoughts on “Courage to Be Yourself

  1. I really enjoyed reading that. It reminds me that as I ‘mature’, I hear more and more of my friends and co-workers say they’re “too old” to do something like have new goals, strive for something new, go outside of their comfort zone. I’ve sort of been immune to that. I figured as long as my brain, and for some of those goals – my body, works I can strive for new goals and new definitions of my life all the time. Truly, I think sometimes we don’t know who we are until we gain a few numbers on our age. I like new challenges. Thanks for posting this.

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