7 Ways to Play Where You Live!

Fun times with my daughter!!
Fun times with my daughter!!

Yes, I will admit it.  I have been running away quite a bit. I have had some great times with loved ones where we had such fun times.   Considering the hectic pace of my life this summer, I am saying it is good stress management.  However, traveling from  my last getaway, I was thinking, “When can I  go again?”   Somehow, I would need to arrange my life in a way where the day to day routine is more exciting and inviting.  While it might be good stress management to have breaks, it is not healthy to  only be ok when I am away from home.  We all do it, though. While, I love to getaway to the country and hike and 4-wheel, the people there just use their 4 wheeler for work, and not play.   This idea spawned my

“Play Where You Live” plan.

  1. What resources do I have available right around me?    It was funny, when I talked to my husband about this, he listed restaurants and museums.   We do have these pretty close.  It does require a drive and doesn’t seem relaxing or renewing if I have to fight traffic etc, and not really play at home, but I might need to rethink this.   I do have a community pool close by which is heavenly and I can go as often as I want.  I also have a walking trail and a pond with ducks where I can walk.
  2. How can I make what I have nicer and more fun? I do have a nice back yard.  How can I make it more inviting ?
  3. Think about the elements.      Fire, earth, water, air and light.    I planted more flowers in pots outside.  A table top fountain provides an instant water fall.  A misting fan provides circulation of air as well as cooling things down quite a bit.  Citronella candles keep the mosquitoes away and make everyone happy.   It now is much more inviting and pleasant to relax out there.  I could do more as resources are available, but getting started and doing something is key.
  4. Think about my senses.  For my bedroom, I made changes with my senses in mind. (Yes, I still grieve over the loss of my master suite, but this was helpful.)  Touch -Splurging on some 500 thread count sheets make me feel like I am in a deluxe hotel every night.  Smell- essential oils are simply amazing to spray in the room or diffuse to set the mood of the moment.  Candles are great too.  Sound- music see below. I also like a little wind chime with a quiet, peaceful sound.  Sight- Peaceful colors.  I had already painted a deep relaxing blue.  the rug on the floor creates space as well as feels soft to my feet. Taste- hmmmm. do I need mints on my pillow? A nice selection of herbal teas and some pretty mugs can help me here.
  5. Music is amazing in its ability to help create fun, relaxation or motivation thought my choices.  I have a playlist for when I need security because it is always the same.  If I want some adventure or change, I can just use a random station or shuffle.  The other day, I discovered my grandson had switched my normal workout cd.   While I love Alan Jackson, it just didn’t work, even though I tried.  I had to hunt down my normal one and all was right in my workout world!  I am still pretty old school and like my cd mixes, but am learning to like Pandora and Spotify playlists on my computer.  At least they don’t get lost.
  6. What can I get rid of?    One of the nicest things about getting away is the lack of distractions.  Clutter screaming at you makes it hard to relax.  While getting rid of stuff is hard for me, I have been working on this hoarding tendency and it really does help me to enjoy my surroundings much more. Work stuff placed in cabinets and drawers out of sight helps you to know where they are when you want to work and yet not see them when you want to relax and do womething else.
  7. Is it clean?  This can be taken too far and you can spend all your time making things clean and never get to having fun.  However, having things clean is more pleasant.   While I do have to share a bath with my kids, having it clean and sparkly in the shower is necessary.  We are all having to work to keep this going in there!  A plan is a must.
  8. How am I using my time?    Time management for me is a key.   It is easy to get stuck in work-work  mode and forget to take time to relax and have fun.  I have to use a timer for most tasks. “I will work on the computer for 15 min and then go to the pool.”  It is amazing what I can get done in 15 min!  Today, I cleaned my pantry and was done in 30 min!! Wow!  Of course if I just work, I know how easy it is for life to become just one job after another and I lose any motivation for living.  It must be a priority and not left until everything else is done.  Everything else will never get done.

So, what ideas do you have?  What can you do today to play more and have fun where you live?


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