Most Amazing Road Trip!!

It was very important to my sister for me to come for her baptism.  At first, I just knew I couldn’t get away. It’s a long way, My car is too small, So much to do, Etc………

A few months ago I was discussing this trip with another sister and the possibility of meeting her and her husband there.  I remember saying, “It is better to get together at weddings and baptisms than wait for a funeral.”    Little did I know my wonderful brother in Law would die and not make this trip to Colorado.  He has been a part of my life since I was 8.  I am so grateful I had taken the trip to Pennsylvania last year and had a wonderful time with Joe, dancing the night away and sharing some wonderful moments.

Sometimes you do just have to go for it.  We are never assured of tomorrow or next year.  While I want to always be moving forward and I love my work and my life, sometimes I just have to take a little unexpected adventure and connect with those whom I love and don’t see often.

Even the day before leaving on this trip, I questioned myself.    It was so amazing though.   Connecting with 3 of my siblings and enjoying beauty and laughter, driving in the car with 2 of my daughters and getting to know them better in this adult stage of their lives as we share driving and music responsibilities and let us not forget getting to dunk your big sister in the freezing lake!!!  Priceless !!      Plus the beauty and the peace of the mountains are renewing and refreshing to body and spirit.   Ahh!  Yes, Sometimes you do just have to ggo for it!

Love these wonderful, strong women!!
Here we Go!!
Nothing like a mountain view!